Video Ads


Video Ads

We go beyond the limitations of Youtube to display interactive video ads to thousands of people watching videos outside the popular network. The way we design our video ads makes it possible for brands to display multiple messages and increase conversion rate.

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Ad Visibility Technology & Premium Placement

Ad visibility technology assures every impression can be seen. The reality of video advertising is that your ad could be displayed below the fold and never seen. We provide Viewport Detection technology that determines where the video player is on the page and only displays your video within our premium list of publishers.

Interactive Ads

We deliver highly interactive video ad units for immediate brand engagement. Socially rich, highly engaging ad units drive brand awareness, favorability, recall and ultimately help purchase intent across PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The real value of video advertising is that it can be delivered across all devices ensuring flexibility and allocating room for true innovation.

Analytics Optimization

Powerful analytics for brand performance optimization: The core benefit of video ad distribution on connected devices is having instant insight into campaign performance. That way brands, video ad networks and publishers get actionable data to optimize video ad campaigns on the go.

Audience Targeting

Advanced audience targeting and amplification for relevant reach across platforms: Audience amplification technology brings a unique approach to audience targeting. With Audience Amplifier, we find the right audience and magnify the audience reach across screens. It is unique because we leverage screen level insights to pinpoint the optimal brand opportunities and serve it on the right screen, at the right time to the target audience.